Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM: Show 85

Hello!, so yesterday’s show wasn’t broadcast as planned and to you the listeners and to my guests who had given up their time, I apologize. As the show is prerecorded, this was out of my hands.

The show will be broadcast on Sunday night at 9pm. Thanks to my guests, Sean Hawkey, Marika Hackman and Pearse McGloughlin and Enda Reilly of Urchin Collective. Also Urchin Collective have a gig tomorrow night March 8 in Bewley’s in Grafton St, listen to the podcast and head down to the gig.

So, here’s a peek at what you should have heard / will hear on Sunday night:
1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. The Spikes: Specialist
3. Chat with Sean Hawkey about his exhibition ‘Cotton on to Fair Trade’
4. Kiernan McMullen: Intermission
5. Chat with Marika Hackman about her new mini album ‘That Iron Taste’
6. Marika Hackman: Retina Television
7. Chat with Marika Hackman
8. Marika Hackman: Cannibal
9. Chat with Enda Reilly and Pearse McGloughlin of Urchin Collective
10. Pearse McGloughlin: Bright Star
11. Solar Taxi: Parcels
12. Bastille: Pompeii
13. Reid: Wake

Culture Cafe 85
Thanks for your patience, this was out of my control. Don’t forget you can listen to previous shows on the RTE Player. The show is broadcast every Wednesday at 1400 GMT and is repeated every Sunday at 2100 GMT. You can also subscribe to the Culture Cafe podcast on iTunes.


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