Culture Cafe on RTE 2XM: Show 71 Podcast 28/11/2012

Show 71, today’s show featured interviews with Stephen Macken who is the producer of ‘Tiny Dancer, A Song For Lily-Mae’ and with Edvard Valberg of Honningbarna. This podcast features my chat with about Tin Dancer with Stephen. I felt that the two pieces would get lost if placed together so my chat with Edvard with be in the next podcast.

During my chat with Stephen the passion and love for the Tiny Dancer project was very apparent, the track is only 99c on iTunes, do your good deed for the week and buy it.

There’s the running order for today:

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads
2. Harry Holler and The Holligans: One Ear Up and One Ear Down
3. Chat with Stephen Macken Producer of Tiny Dancer, A Song for Lily Mae
4. A Song for Lily-Mae: Tiny Dancer
5. Haim: Don’t Save Me
6. Carosel: Freebird
7. Interview with Edvard Valberg of Honningbarna (Part 1)
8. Honningbarna: God Jul, Jesus
9. Interview with Edvard Valberg of Honningbarna (Part 2)
10. Honningbarna: Fri Palestina
Culture Cafe 7111. The Other Tribe: Skirts
12. Embers: Hollow Cage

Don’t forget my chat with Honningbarna’s Edvard Valberg is in the next podcast.

Thanks for listening, don’t forget you can listen to the full show again on the RTE Player. The show is broadcast every Wednesday at 1400 GMT and is repeated every Sunday at 2100 GMT. You can also subscribe to the Culture Cafe podcast on iTunes.


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