Culture Cafe on RTÉ 2XM Show 19 Playlist and Podcast:30/11/2011

Culture Cafe 19

Imagine 19 shows already! Had fun chatting with Liz Lawrence, Kate Voegele and had a laugh at the recording of the TwitterXmasSingle. I’ve included the chat with Liz Lawrence in the podcast. I’m going to put the interviews from TwitterXmasSingle and Kate Voegele on YouTube in a day or two.

1. DJ Flip & Freezemaster Slick: Crossroads

2. Patrick Wolf: Together

3. Chat with Liz Lawrence

4. Liz Lawrence: Oo Song

5. The Dead Flags: You Got It Wrong

6. Culture Cafe Event Guide with Kevin McCabe

7. Sounds of #twitterxmassingle

8. Slow Moving Millie: Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want

9. Cloud Control: Gold Canary

10. Chat with Kate Voegele Part 1

11. Kate Voegele: Gravity Happens

12. Chat with Kate Voegele Part 2

13. Kate Voegele: Sunshine In My Sky

14. Saw Doctors & Petula Clark: Downtown

15. Chris Cornell: Black Hole Sun


About Nessy

Nessy is a Irish radio presenter/producer and writer based in London. Interests include music, movies, arts, culture, a little bit of a tech/multimedia head. Loves San Francisco Giants. Dislikes turnips.

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